Adopt A Project

Many have found it very beneficial to give to something specific. We have several ongoing projects that you may have a passion for and would enjoy giving toward. Here is our ever-changing list of items or projects that you may enjoy adopting.


Adopt a Camper: $225 per camper/day camp,  $350 per camper/overnight camp             

Received in 2016: 152 camperships

We have yet to turn away a child because of financial resources. One of our commitments early on was to allow everyone the opportunity to attent camp regardless of whether they could afford the cost. We have a growing number of individuals who help us with the cost of a week of summer camp for children who could not come otherwise.


Adopt a Red Rocker: $150                           

Need: 10             Received in 2016: 2

Sitting in a red rocker has become a signature part of The Refuge experience. From quiet times looking out over the lake, to times spent in prayer with a friend, these rockers not only add to the beauty of our early 1900 farm houses, but create the "front porch experience" that we feel is so valuable to life at The Refuge.


Complete the Orchard Farm House: $70,000                                    

Received in 2016:  $23,500

This house was built in the early 20's in Ayden, NC.  We were blessed to move this house onto the property in 2015.  With the completion of this house we will have overnight capacity for more than 80 campers, as well as small group meeting space.  If you have a team that would like to join us as we work to bring a new life to it, please give us a call.


Swimming Pool: $165,000                                

Recieved in 2016:  $7,000          

An in-ground pool will provide a much safer swimming experience for the children.  The front lake has been used for swimming each of the last three years, but does not allow the lifeguards to see the bottom.  It is our prayer that this could be installed before the upcoming summer.

The Refuge Seed Company:  $650,000

This building, while resembling an old time seed company building, will allow us to hold evening worship services for 250 students as well as feed them.  Its 12' wide porch will wrap around the building and overlook the swimming pool and lake.

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