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Refuge Programs & Retreats 

The Refuge is an amazing place to host your retreat or attend one of our planned programs.   With over 50 years of ministry experience, our staff can customize any retreat for your organization.  The Refuge can provide worship leaders, speakers, or program content.  

Call us today at (252) 746-4766 to plan your retreat!  


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CONFIRMATION is a time for students to hear about the God who loves them and how that impacts their life. The Refuge has crafted a Confirmation Retreat for churches to bring their students and mentors to be engaged in interactive teaching sessions.

 Sessions:  God our Creator (Purpose), Jesus our Redeemer (Sin & Redemption), Holy Spirit our Sustainer (Power) Being a Follower (Living as a Christian), Creed (What We Believe) & Taking A Step (Making a Decision) 

COST is $110 per attendee

Covers program material, (3) meals and lodging.  



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