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Refuge Programs & Retreats 

The Refuge is an amazing place to host your retreat or attend one of our planned programs.   With over 50 years of ministry experience, our staff can customize any retreat for your organization.  The Refuge can provide worship leaders, speakers, or program content.  

Call us today at (252) 746-4766 to plan your retreat!  


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Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 21 to attend HARVEST at the Refuge!! The camp will be open to the community for games, food, fellowship, music, fun and much more!

Starting at 2pm enjoy: fishing, canoeing, challenge courses, games for children, music, hay rides, and food by our church partners. We end the day with some great music and a powerful message for all. It's a FREE DAY so come bring your family and lawn chairs to have fun at the Refuge!

2:00-5:00 pm: Family Fun Time, Open Camp, Music, & Food
5:00-6:00 pm: Whole Group Gathering


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The Refuge invites youth groups to bring their students for a weekend to SOW (Serve Others Well)!
Teaming up with area ministries, groups will be sent to a variety of local mission opportunities. We will learn what it means to be the hands & feet of Christ in many different ways. As we sow seeds, we may never see the final crop, but we will know we made a difference.  

Groups arrive Friday for program, head out to serve on Saturday, program Saturday night and worship on Sunday.  

Cost is $110 per attendee and covers lodging, meals and program material.


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CULTIVATE is a time for removing distractions, expectations and sharing the fullness of life Jesus offers. There is time for worship, sharing, and space for God to penetrate our soul. Teaching will focus in areas that youth leaders struggle with and breakout groups will give an intimate setting to share thoughts. 

CULTIVATE starts FRIDAY night and ends SATURDAY evening, but attendees are invited to come early or stay late to relax and rejuvenate.  

THERE IS NO COST for first attendee from a church but a $25 cost for each person afterwards.

Your time will program, (3) meals and lodging.  

Register at:  www.tinyurl.com/Cultivate19


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